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Damn I haven't updated in awhile!

I finally finally got my internet fixed! Which means it is currently 2 and I have internet! This is so exciting.

I watched Into the Wild last night, I didn't even know Kristen Stewart was in that movie, I seriously think I'm stalking her. Every fricken movie I watch has her in it. (She was actually pretty good in it, she sings too) That movie was AMAZING. I was sobbing in the end. Hah, the funny thing is the real guy actually kinda does look like Emile Hirsch.

I found my Komboloi! Yay now I have something to do with my hands other than mess with my nails.
 OME! (Oh god I'm falling even farther into the fandom! Heeeeeelllllllpppppp mmmmmmeeeeee.....) Today a silver volvo pulled into my driveway. I laughed HARD. It turned out to be my mother's friend who was picking up a lamp for the German exchange student she's getting on Saturday. I get to go pick her up as well! Her name is Ranya (I have no idea how to spell that correctly) but she goes by Rani/Rany/Rony/Roni whichever way you spell it.

I saw Mamma Mia today, it was no Across the Universe, thats for sure. The main girl in it was an awesome singer, but since she played Karen in Mean Girls, the only thing I could think of the entire time was "Why are you white?"

I watched Jumper the other day because I heard Kristen Stewart was in it, so I waited the entire movie for her, and it turns out shes in the last 2 minutes and her only line is "Can I help you? Mom!" Haha, atleast I got to stare at Hayden Christenson the whole time. Damn he's fine.

Man only 1 day, 3 hours, and some odd minutes until BD comes out!

Natassja we have to make a set in stone plan, and let you photocopy my japanese so we can do it at Barnes and Noble. (Productive I dare say)

My knee is all fucked up from camp. Ow.
Fucking  A I am sooo soo soo sore. Like walking up the stairs was exceedingly difficult. I think it was from our four hour practice yesterday. We did three times perfect which is where we have to every bit of the routine perfect three times before we can stop, and we had to do the god forsaken frog ripple like 90 times. It involves squatting...alot.

Im so psyched for BD, all I have to do is get through camp, and then like 4 days! EEK!

In other news I found a Barnes and Noble gift card under my desk that still has $19.56 on it. Damn I know.

I have to go pack.

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 Does anyone else love raspberry yogurt?

Jul. 20th, 2008

Man I received a horrific sunburn AGAIN. It hurts like a bitch since its all over my shoulders. This time I actually put on sun screen too! It all happened at Kira's pool party (I know who owns an actual pool in Washington?) damnit.

I have to go to camp on thursday, I'm actually looking forward to it. I love Drill camp, its just way too much fun. Well other than the technique classes where they decide to make you kick for an hour straight. Other than that, its super fun.

Anyone evcer watch Dexter? I am now officially in love with that show, and I have to wait till August 19th for the second season to come out. Dang!

I'm just going to pretend like Natassja is still in the state when I leave this note for her:
Giff! I went to see Batman with my dad today and there was literally like 15 Volvos in Monroe! That would have been so perfect for our game! Well hope you're alive!

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Ooh I giggled. (Notice how early I got this posted? Go Tori)

Jul. 12th, 2008

Damn my pasty Washington skin, and my pasty non-tanning nationalities, and my stupid thought not to put sunscreen on my face!

We had a fundrauser car wash for Drill today. I got FRIED. I was wearing my sunglasses, so now of course I have this horrible racoon mask. It looks like I was snowboarding! We did manage to wash 89 cars today in 7 hours, however, which you have to admit is impressive. I still don't know how much we made. Our goal was $2000 and I think we might have actually gotten close to that.

Giff! We need to watch Batman soon, so that way you can see the premiere with me!
Ooh some serious excitement has just occured thanks to my lovely friend Catherine. Drill officer party in Marymoor next week. Anchorman is being shown. I love outdoor movies, and severly inappropriate ones are even better. (That was a strangely worded sentence.)

I have to go to a carwash all day tomorrow. My least favorite part of drill? Fundraising.

In other news. How was everyone's week?

Jul. 9th, 2008

So  I was reading a fanfic where Bella dies (it was heartbreaking!) and I just had this "Stranger Than Fiction" feeling.

Haha, I bet Stephenie really does kill Bella/Edward, but then she was like "Im going to be murdered by thousands of fangirls" and then changes it, even if killing them would have created her most important literary work. 

Hah, if I were Stephenie and I killed either of them (or they don't end up together), I would seriously fear for my life!

But then you have Jacob. I really don't mind Jacob (even if he is a whiny little boy!) I just sincerely cannot, for the life of me, understand why Smeyer would actually end the series with Jacob and Bella together. I just cannot see that happening.

Ooooh this has gotten me all pessimistic for BD. Shit.

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